Building Trades

Have you ever wondered what goes into constructing a building? It is an intricate process that involves many different disciplines of the building trade. Carpenters, masons, plumbers, and electricians, among others, are all involved in the process of creating the buildings that you see every day. The fundamentals of constructing a building are the same, whether it is a commercial or residential structure. When all of these disciplines work together, the process of creating a structure can go seamlessly.

Carpentry is one of the most important trades involved in constructing a building because carpenters literally will build the frame and the support that will become your building. Once the site is cleared, carpenters will create the frame that will become the support of the foundation of your building. After the foundation is stable, carpenters will then complete the rough framing of the structure, which is what provides the support for the rest of the building. This includes framing for the floors, the roof, and the walls. After the rough framing is complete, carpenters can begin constructing the siding and roof of the structure. After the HVAC, electricity, and plumbing systems are installed, and the insulation is in place, carpenters also install the drywall. Carpenters also complete the interior of the building, installing doors, baseboards, and windowsills as well as any cabinets or any other kind of storage element that can be built with wood. One of the last steps that the carpenter will complete, if it is part of the design of the building, is to install hardwood flooring.

Masonry is another trade that plays an important role in the constructing of a building. Once the frame in the foundation is complete, masons will create the footings that will support the house from the earth and pour the concrete to create the foundation of the building. After the interior structure of the building is complete and the drywall has been installed, masons are responsible for constructing the exterior walls of the structure if it involves brick-laying. They also lay the concrete for any sidewalks or walkways leading up to the building, if this is involved in the construction project. Masons also work inside the building by installing tile, stone countertops,

HVAC technicians, or Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning Technicians, are crucial to the construction of a building because they are what makes the building livable. Once the rough framing of a building is complete, HVAC technicians begin installing the vent pipes and the ducts for the ventilation system that will be in the building. After the interior and exterior walls are complete, and your building is almost complete, the final HVAC equipment is installed. 

Electricians and plumbers are two trades that usually work together during the construction of a building. After the rough framing is complete, the roof is installed, and the HVAC technicians have installed their piping, plumbers can start installing pipes, vents, water supply and sewer lines for the plumbing infrastructure. After the HVAC technicians and plumbers have installed their piping, electricians begin to run their wires throughout the frame of house where the walls will be, setting up the electrical system for the building. After the roofing is complete, the electrician can connect the wires to lights, outlets, and switches. Once the walls are completed, the electricians can finish their work by finishing the light fixtures, light switches, and by finishing the electrical panel.

Insulation installers come in once the main frame of the building is complete and the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems are in place. Insulation is what keeps the temperature inside the building consistent. Installers will place installation along the exterior walls and the roof, which will help conserve energy. Most insulation installers will use fiberglass or foam insulation, but cellulose, mineral wool, sprayed foam, and structural insulated panels are also common.

Constructing a building is a very complicated process that can become a headache without a good plan and reliable tradesmen working to make the process as seamless as possible. Carpenters, masons, HVAC technicians, electricians, plumbers, and insulation installers can either work individually or together at the same time to efficiently complete the construction of a building on time. Reliable professionals in their trade using efficient working practices and quality materials can make the construction of a building a success.


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